USAID supported Gender Equity Programme (GEP) of Aurat Foundation showcased products developed under a linked programme on enabling women’s economic empowerment on the first of a two-day series of events titled ‘Women Making Strides in Economic Empowerment’ on Thursday.

Diplomats, heads of international development organisations and civil society representatives attended the event. Chief Operating Officer for Aurat Foundation Naeem Mirza welcomed the guests. Chief of Party for GEP Simi Kamal briefed the audience about GEP’s contributions to the economic empowerment of women.

The contributions of individual members of National Advisory Forum established under GEP were also recognised at the event. The forum was established to provide guideline to the project and align the programme with the government policies and brainstorm on broader gender equality strategies in the country. On this occasion, former chairperson, National Commission on the Status of Women, Khawar Mumtaz, also spoke on the role of the government in fostering women’s economic empowerment.

An exhibition of products made by GEP beneficiaries was inaugurated following the remarks of the speakers. The women beneficiaries of the project shared their inspiring stories of triumph over adversary through their skills which they learnt through GEP’s interventions. Guests mingled among the women artisans and admired the creative novelty they had incorporated into traditional crafts.