US presidential aircraft, selection and preparation of his defense and that the Air Force. Boeing 747-200B series aircraft is currently President of the art facilities were built to equip the Boeing VC -25. It can be refueled during flight. Air Force One will be the cutting edge …
In the late 1990s, two aircraft have been produced for the US president, who, “Air Force One” and called Flying White House. United States Air Force Air Force One Boeing 747-B were chosen for the new aircraft, which will be cutting edge. The pictures on the internet are getting plenty viral.
Before making art is worth Rs 2,500 crore and 4,786 square feet of total space
* 3 4,786 square feet of floor space to modify the cost of the aircraft is already Rs 2,500 crore. Photos on the site are a few of her look, which is shown here.
* New aircraft for president in the lounge, kitchen, office, dining room, conference room, private staff, the entire team of doctors and cameramen and media facilities will be developed.
* It will be able to travel about 100 people. It is by far the longest and the second largest airline is being said. It will also be used and less weighty things eco-friendly too.
* 14 thousand 816 new aircraft will be able to fly non-stop to a kilometer. Office and storage size will be larger than before, often because the long run meetings.
Why Boeing
Boeing and the US is the only company specializing in the customization is achieved. That is why the company is once again on the US Air Force has relied for the presidential aircraft. AF is also comfortable with him in maintaining confidentiality. VVIP plane that many of the world’s extension.