Youth Congress leader from Amritsar Vikas Soni, along with 10 other Indian political leaders from different states, will attend the 76 edition of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in the USA.

Soni is the only leader from Punjab who has been selected to attend the program in the USA.

In the nominating justification in the IVLP nomination, Soni has been mentioned as a “dynamic” and “the first elected (as opposed to directly appointed) president of the Amritsar district of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC)”, “a great political organiser”, “leading campaign coordinator for Congress party in the assembly and national parliamentary elections”.

Giving details, Soni informed that the selection process for the program was undertaken by the USA government and the USA Embassy officials. “The USA visit under the IVLP will include a visit to Washington DC, Portland, Oregon, Little Rock, Arkansas and Chicago, Illinois. The expenses for the entire program are borne by the USA government,” he said.

He added that the USA government had outlined the project goals that include introducing the structures and functions of the USA federalist system of the government, with emphasis on the division of authority and responsibility between federal, state and local governments, demonstration of successful models of cooperation among the state and local governments, NGOs, community organisations and the business sector to provide responsive governance.