Panama City. Two people in the US to Panama City from plastic bottles has launched village. It will be built by adding bottles to be home and other buildings. Taking into account the damage to the environment than the plastic of the project has been launched. But here is how the house will be completed, it is not known. Who are the people involved in the project …
This unique village who told Justin and Jeff Katelano we have started the project after much research. Every normal person in my life approximately 15 thousand uses plastic bottles, according to him, we are collecting these different places. It has started in 83 acres, will be built approximately 100-120 home. Also Garden, hall, sports fields, gathering hall will be built separately. The entire village will cost to almost 2 million. Project manager, Robert said that this is our future, things that we eat everyday use, they continue to live.
Germany became home
In 2015 a guy named Andres Fros had prepared a full house from the plastic bottles. Andres used the bricks to replace the bottles, which was pasted with the help of cement. Adding that in this way we’d like to shelter or home for homeless people can prepare.