The woman, who never fails to attract attention–whatever the raging issue of the hour maybe–chose to leverage the attention Indian Prime
Minister gets in the US, in her favour.

The actress, who was in attendance at a pre-Independence party in Chicago, USA, was seen wearing a garish black number emblazoned with
pictures of Narendra Modi. Besides the tiny headshots of the PM, the worst part seems to be the PM’s figure that’s placed strategically enough for
his hand to land right on Rakhi’s bust.
And behind, Sawant’s butt bears another image of Modi with the Prime Minister seemingly giving the actress’ booty a first class rating with his
Twitter reactions started to pour in, as expected.

What we do know is that no one would have known that Rakhi came and went to Chicago, had it not been for that dress. Considering that she’s
been away from the limelight for sometime, what a stellar comeback that dress ensured!