A day after the ruckus in MC House, Uma Shankar Gupta , MC Commissioner, in an interview with Jagdeep Singh Deep, speaks about the controversies which surrounded him ever since the House came into existence in August last year.After the ruckus in the House, you said a conspiracy was hatched against you. Who do you think it was ?
The Mayor was behind all this. I have no hesitation in saying it. He was working behind the scene and provoking the others like the Deputy Mayor and Kuljeet Bedi for leveling allegations against me. All this started around six months back. Because I did not give my consent to his illogical ideas so he was after me.
On what basis are you blaming the Mayor?
I have the proofs. There was a female Joint Commissioner in the MC and she was good at her work. But the Mayor and some of the councillors provoked her against me and she started disobeying my orders. I wrote to the government to take action against her and she was transferred. Mayor personally called me and said that I should not take action against the officer. Since I can’t tolerate indiscipline so I told the him that I did my duty. This was the reason that he started conspiring against me.
In the last meeting, the councillors and MLA blamed that you broke discipline of the House. What do have to say about this?
I am a responsible officer. I always respect the elected members of the House. This is not my first job and I know how to run a House. I did not create any indiscipline. First Congress councillor KS Bedi started speaking about the street vendors issue which was not even on the agenda. Then, MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu started yelling at me. I am not a MLA’s servant and he has no right to question me. I will only answer if I am asked by the members of the House. When the officer started reading out the list, the Deputy Mayor started abusing me. So, tell me who created indiscipline. Nobody is above the law. Neither me nor the Mayor or the Deputy Mayor and the MLA.