England’s Mark Felix won the World’s Strongest Man title during the World Strongman Championship organised by World Strongman Federation (WSF) at a school in Rohaniya on Sunday. Tarmo Mitt of Estonia and Mikhail Shivliakov of Russia were adjudged the first and second runner up, respectively.
The two-day championship, that began on Saturday, witnessed participation of as many as 13 athletes from different countries including UK, Belarus, Russia, Latvia and others.
According to WSF president Pradeep Baba Madhok, as many as three events – farmers walk, bus pulling and car lift were held on the concluding day. While the athletes had to weigh 130 kg on both hands and walk a distance of 30 metres on a strip in farmers walk, a 16-tonne Volvo bus had to be pulled to a distance of 20 metres in the bus pulling event and a bolero car had weighing around 2,000 kg, placed on a 300-kg platform had to be lifted for the longest time in the third event.
Mark Felix of England covered a distance of 61.25 metres in farmers walk while he held the car and platform for 2 minutes and 18 seconds.