Apple’s iOS 10 has been rolled out to all users, and those with a compatible iPhone or iPad can install the new OS on their device. One of the most prominent new features in iOS 10 is how iMessage has changed, and now includes a fun quotient as well as its own App Store. So how does one send stickers on iMessage or Handwritten notes or messages in Invisible Ink? We explain all you need to know about iMessage in iOS 10.
Discovering the App Store
Apple iMessage now has its own App Store, and support for third-party apps. For instance, Apple Music links can now be shared inside an iMessage thread. Remember your friends needs to be on iMessage for you to share these new features, which means they need an iOS device. Any thread with a blue colour for the messages is an iMessage, anything in green means the user is not on iOS.

When you open an iMessage thread, you’ll see the App Store symbol next to the message bubble. Tap on that, and it will show options like Recents, Music and Images and a Store symbol. The store is where you can download apps, stickers from, and these will get added to the list once you add them. Music is for sharing Apple Music links. Images will let you share GIFs, images from the Internet as well.
Recents is the tab that shows all the feature, you might have tried earlier, like Handwritten notes, a sticker, etc, which is convenient if you are planning to send the same thing again to someone else.
Drawing on photos you wish to send
Apple iMessage will now let you scribble on photos, videos that you send to your friends. For photos, just tap the camera symbol in iMessage and choose a picture, and tap on it. Once it appears on the message bubble, just long press on it and it will open all over the screen, with the option for MarkUp, Edit at the bottom.
Tap on MarkUp and you will be able to draw on it in various colours or add text from the options below. You can change the intensity of the pen as well by tapping the menu symbol, and choose how thick you want the lines to be. Once you do, just run your hand all over the picture for the effect. Tap save, hit done and then just send.

There’s also an option to send videos, which have some text, or scribbles or even the Digital Touch feature on top of them. This is via the Digital Touch tab. When you open an iMessage thread, you’ll see this heart with two fingers on top of it. This is the Digital Touch section. Just tap on it and there’s a video camera symbol below. Tap on that and the video camera comes on, take a video and you can write on it while it is being shot from the colourful pen options on top. Once done, just hit send. As the video plays, the scribbled text or drawing appears exactly at the moment you chose to draw it.
Video messages sent via Digital Touch will disappear after sometime, but there is an option to keep it as well. Just tap on ‘Keep’ after you’ve sent the message. This appears inside the thread.