An Uber driver allegedly dozed off while driving a passenger from New Delhi to Gurgaon leaving him with no choice but to take the wheels.
Ishaan Gill, a financial analyst with a multinational in Gurgaon he booked a cab through the taxi aggregator’s app at Defence Colony in Delhi on May 15 at 12:36am to go to Gurgaon.
“The cab reached an hour late and the driver Ajay seemed dizzy. I asked him if he was OK and he nodded in positive. At Aurobindo Marg, I stopped texting and looked ahead on the road. To my amazement, the driver was about to hit a divider. As I looked towards him, he had completely dozed off,” Gill said.
The 23-year-old asked the driver to park the car and offered him water. He said he could not ask for another cab as his mobile internet was low and it was already about 1:30am.
“I showed my driving license to the driver and offered to drive. He agreed and I drove all the way to Gurgaon while the driver was completely gone on the passenger seat,” Gill, who lives in DLF Phase-2, said.
Gill said he reached his society at about 2:00am and tried to wake the driver up for payment but to no use.
“He was completely off. I received a message of Rs 427 and dropped Rs 500 with the driver. I asked the security guard to take care of him,” Gill said adding that the driver did not appear drunk but seemed to have consumed some kind of intoxicant.
In the morning, he informed Uber about the incident through an email and a feedback form. Gill claimed he received a call from Uber offering him a reimbursement of Rs 500 which he declined politely.
“I just wanted them to ensure background check of drivers. What if he hit the car?” Gill asked.
Gill also wrote about the incident on his Facebook account attracting a lot of shares and comments.
He alleged an Uber executive even told him that he drove illegally in the absence of a commercial driving licence.
An Uber spokesperson declined to comment on the incident saying the rider must have contacted the company’s customer care and got support from there.
Text messages and email sent to an agency handling public relations of Uber yielded no response.