Research says the following 10 types are most likely to be gainfully employed. Do you see yourself here?The cheerleader: What’s a good sport without a happy bunch of cheerleaders? All work and no promotion, makes the company disappear in the market.

So your small law firm maybe known in the circles, but a little push from a marketing guru will make the world aware of your facilities, capabilities, which will result in acquiring more clients. The marketer works in tandem with the founder to position the company that suits his or her vision and build the brand. This personality type is highly assertive, understands urgency and is willing to gamble .

The multi-tasker: So your company is tiny and everyone is a bit stretched. There are some who just can’t handle the pressure, but there are few who can grin and bear it all, and can put their hands in several puddings all at once -be admin one day, and a creative executor the next.

Reverse role player: Small firms have a strong tendency and leaning to employ people who are like-minded, but HR officials reckon that a personality whose views and beliefs are opposite of that of the company would do the latter good and result in growth.

The decision maker: When an entrepreneur has just started off in the business, he/she is always a bit averse to taking big risks and making concrete decisions. They are constantly turning to people who can use their own judgment and give them sound advice. Remember, they need someone who is not afraid to pull the trigger in times of distress.

The cautious player: Likewise, if you’re the kind of entrepreneur who has a tendency to run with his /her dreams, an employer who likes to play it carefully is always a good hand in the team. You need this type of personality as a counterbalance to risk takers.

The analyser: While the strategist and organiser have their own skill sets to execute the idea into action,it takes an observant kind -who has one eye firmly on the markets and another on the rivals -to help you weigh the pros and cons and work ccordingly.

The helper: If you have wetted your hands in the hospitality business, and are looking to make a switch, be sure you retain the `service-oriented’ trait in your next job, too. A person who has a willingness to help others always makes for a great team player.