Brushing up your brows with a gel spoolie wand is easy enough, but there’s an art to mastering powder and pencil formulas. Celebrity makeup artist Romy Soleimani breaks down the steps for each for your simplest, most realistically full brows ever. Watch the how-to video, and follow along with the steps below.THE TECHNIQUE: When using powder to enhance your brows, Soleimani advises applying it with a stiff-angled brush to ensure the product grabs onto the hairs. Create feather -like strokes by always moving the brush in an upwards motion to mimic the way your hair grows. For fuller looking brows, use the brush to extend the inner corners. Finish by swiping on a brow gel hold which not only holds everything in place, but also gives it a “3-D effect.” You want to straighten out any high arches without reshaping the whole brow, says Solemani. Use your pencil right below the arch drawing in hair-like strokes to fill in the gaps and spaces. “This gives the brows a really full effect.” To blur any pencil lines, “the spoolie brush on the end of the pencil is your best friend,” she says. Brush everything in an upwards motion. Finish by swiping on a thin layer of brow gel.