Authorities in Arizona said Tuesday evening that two women were shot and killed at the entrance of a courthouse following a hearing involving a custody dispute.

Navajo County sheriff’s deputies and local authorities responded to the courthouse in Holbrook and found the two victims. Both died from their wounds.

County officials said a suspect was taken into custody. Neither the suspect nor the victims were immediately released.

According to AZ Family, county officials said there was a court hearing regarding the custody of two children. The hearing didn’t go the way the suspect wanted and deputies said he went to his vehicle and retrieved a gun before opening fire and shooting the two women.

“We don’t know his motive yet; we aren’t in his mind,” Navajo County spokesman Adam Wolfe said. “We do know the suspect was involved in the hearing, and for whatever reason, it led to him opening fire.”

According to the Arizona Republic, Wolfe said the attack was “personal, and not an attempt at a mass shooting.”

No other injuries were reported and the sheriff’s deputies allowed county workers to leave the complex as homicide investigators worked at the scene.

“This is not common for this area at all,” Wolfe said. “The area is family-oriented and very wholesome. When it first happened, we were all concerned for people’s safety. Now we want to find out why. Anything like this will shake a community, but we will heal. That’s what this community does.”