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China’s Sichuan province, a two-faced pigs Lujou was born. The photos on social networking sites are getting quite viral. Two mouths, two noses and three eyes, many people want to buy this pig. Was born on June 5, the boar …
The pig was born on June 5, after which it became popular in the local media. It ‘Freak pig called being called. The owner said many people want to buy it Guoyuan Zhong. Are ready to give 20 thousand rupees, but I do not want to sell this unique pig.
However, it is not the first time, when such two-faced pigs are born. The first Buddhist temple in Tianjin in August 2015 outside a boar had two mouths. However, in June 2015 a devious double pig was born in Chongqing, which had died 3 months later.