Pokémon GO’s servers were down on Saturday, with users in the US, parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand unable to play the game. Users were unable to login, while others reported patchy gameplay.Now according to reports, two different groups have claimed responsibility for the Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on Pokémon GO’s services.First TechCrunch reported OurMine–which has gotten famous after hacking Twitter accounts of technology leaders like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey– claimed it was behind the DDOS attack.OurMine put out a message on their website, saying they will attack Pokémon GO’s servers. The post on their website reads, “Today We will attack “Pokemon Go” Login Servers! so no one will be able to play this game till Pokemon Go contact us on our website to teach them how to protect it! We will attack it after 3-4 hours! Be ready! We will update you!”In the end, the post also says staff at Pokémon GO should contact the team asASAP.But OurMine is not the only group claiming credit for the DDOS attack on Pokémon GO’s servers. A group called PoodleCorp also claimed credit for the attack, and put out another tweet indicating they will do something similar on August 1.Users were also tweeting about Pokémon GO being down, with memes and jokes being shared on Twitter.Some complained that since they can’t play Pokémon GO, they will have to actually talk to people, while others said it was now pointless to go outside. The game is being credited for encouraging people to walk as they try and capture PokémonsPokémon GO is already one of the biggest mobile games in the US and threatens to beat Twitter, Facebook, etc when it comes to daily active users (DAUs) in the country.Pokémon GO was recently launched in 26 more countries, mostly in Europe, as well as Canada. The game has not yet officially launched in Asia or India, although people in these places are playing the game.Pokémon GO relies on GPS data and a smartphone’s camera to send users on a hunt for Pokémons, the magical creatures with special powers. The original Pokémon game was launched by Nintendo for GameBoy in 1996, and the anime series on Pokémon is one of the most popular across the world.
Pokémon GO’s augmented reality experience has made the game a big hit across the world, and so it is no surprising that hackers, etc are targeting its servers.