Two Class 11 students were allegedly beaten up by their seniors at a school near Delhi on Monday. An FIR or police complaint has been filed against 18 students of DPS Noida.

The two students had to be taken to hospital for injuries to their body, especially their limbs. Their families allege they were ragged by the Class 12 students in the hostel
Dhruv Aggarwal, one of the students, said: “The 12th standard students wanted to show what would happen if we messed with them. They rag us on regular basis…take our food. If they don’t get food in sealed packets, they either throw it at our face or insult us.”

The other student Yash Pratap Singh’s father Arjun Singh accused the school of not informing him about what his son was going through.

“They hit my son with rods. The school didn’t inform me about my son’s condition, he called me,” said the father of one of the boys. He said his son had started school just 15 days ago.