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Ukraine Velikaya wrath new village ‘Land of the Twins “is also called. It has a population of only 4,000 people, among them an increasing number of twins are surprised by the outsiders. Now the 61 pair of twins (122 children) have been recorded. The name may be entered in the Guinness Book …

The children’s names are entered in the record books of Ukraine. Perhaps the name of the village will be recorded in the Guinness Book Now. Local people say that the number of twins in the village compared to most of the world is a village. Savka Mryana citizen since 2004, according to the number of twins began to grow. Now every year two or three pairs of twins increasing. In this village, one of the older twin pair Maria Chorba, their kin are only three pairs. She explains that this phenomenon is not new.

Some of her friends also had twins. Being witnessed is the case with the animals. Cow Calf in the village are also having twins. The root cause of the water Chorhiv local elderly people. The water is very clean and sweet. It is said that many of the water have been healthy. Scientific research also Chorhiv absolutely clean and treat water that has been reported.