There are several tracks in the world, which is amazing to me. Some of these tracks are made in the water and some mountains. One railway track China’s Yichang-Wanjau. The 377 kilometers long track Yichang of Hubei Province and Chongqing connects the Wanjau. The track passes through the bullet train, then who is shocked. When it was being prepared …
Since 2003, work began to build the track from 22nd December 2010 and became operational on trains. Will surprise you, but to tell the 377 kilometers of the 288 km of track on the train pass through the tunnel and bridge. The track chief engineer Zhang Mei, who had said that it was difficult to make the line.
1 kilometer cost more than 60 million
Regardless of this track work began in 2003, but the proposal to create a track 100 years ago the former President of China, Sun Yat Sen was passed in 1903. The railway track to cost more than Rs 60 per km was. The speed of trains on this track is 350 kilometers per hour.