Two people have been killed after a train derailed in northern Spain, as per local reports.

The incident happened in O Porriño, Galicia, northern Spain. The train was carrying 60 people. The train was travelling from the Galician town of Vigo to Portugal when the accident happened near the town of O Porrino.Authorities in Galicia said two people were killed, but the national rail company Renfe said “several” people died in the train

The train was approaching a curve at more than twice the speed limit on that piece of the track in Galicia.According to local media reports, emergency services were on the scene and the police have confirmed a ‘high number of injuries’

In 2013, Spain suffered its worst rail disaster in which 40 years where 79 people were killed and 140 were injured after an Alvia high-speed train bound for Ferrol from Madrid derailed.

A pre-trial investigation of the July 24, 2013 crash carried out by a court in Galicia concluded the accident was caused by a lapse in attention by the driver, who was on the telephone at the time of the crash with another rail employee.