A Pakistani national visiting India has been missing for the last 14 days from a hotel in New Delhi’s Nabi Karim area. The national identified as Mohammad Salim was visiting the country with a tour group comprising 140 Pakistanis that arrived on July 22.

According to the hotel staff, the group members came to get Salim for a last bus ride a day before their departure on July 27, it was when he was found missing from his room. His belongings were also found missing.

There was also no check out record of the 43-year-old Pakistani national.

The staff upon the news, informed the local police. Police registered a case and started a search for the missing individual.

Police said that Salim belonged to Lahore, where he ran a grocery shop.

The suspicious disappearance  is not being only probed by police, as several agencies are also trying to find any trace of Salim. The incident comes as shocking as security was reportedly beefed for the upcoming independence day in India.