Celebrities including Chloe Madeley and Vicky Pattison have recently spoken out after receiving online abuse about their looks.
And TOWIE star Georgia Kousoulou has revealed she thinks bodyshaming should be made illegal because of the bad example it sets for image-conscious young girls – let alone the negative effect it has on the stars themselves.
Speaking exclusively to MailOnline as she launches her debut swimwear collection, Summer Dreams By Georgia K, the blonde beauty revealed: ‘I don’t agree with bodyshaming at all. I think it should be illegal. I think there should be a law where people shouldn’t be allowed to comment on people’s appearances and slate them.
‘Young girls often feel insecure in themselves anyway. There’s all these diet pills, shakes, pressure on girls to be skinny. I hate that.

‘I’ve always promoted eating carbs, going to the gym, being healthy, everything in moderation. I would hate to see a young girl see us getting hate and worry about their looks.’
Georgia spoke about her recent experience of bodyshaming, revealing that trolls will latch on to anything, even poking fun of something as random as her feet.

‘Last week I posted a picture, and the background was really ugly so I blurred it out. And everyone was like, “She’s Photoshopped it.” I replied and said I definitely hadn’t’, Georgia recalled.
‘And then people were saying my feet were really ugly! I said, “You’ve got issues, are you really going to pick on someone’s feet?” They backtracked after that.’
Georgia showed off her gym-honed figure in a mix of gorgeous bikinis and one-pieces in the accompanying shoot, revealing her toned legs and lean physique as she modelled her new beachwear range.
The 24-year-old is keen to promote a healthy figure and revealed she loves working out – doing a mixture of cardio, upper body, abs and boxing routines with her personal trainer – something she hopes to pursue further in future.
‘I’ve been into the fitness for the last year. I love doing fitness videos and I get a lot of feedback from it, so I’m going to be starting doing more plans, tips and videos for people on my blog’, she said.
Blissfully happy in the romance department, Georgia revealed she and boyfriend Tommy Mallett are ‘stronger than ever, just like a little team’.
Some of the TOWIE girls including Fearne McCann have previously warned the Essex beauty about the way Tommy speaks to her, but she insists his personality is misconstrued.