We are so busy trying to keep fit these days that we overlook the times when it’s essential to stop training. Look through these specific times when it is okay to make an excuse to not step into the gym or park.Even if you have a common cold, refrain from exercising when you are physically unwell. Your immune system is weaker during a prolonged illness and a workout will only strain it further. Exercising in sickness can also lead to injuries since your energy levels and concentration are not 100%. Worse, one could faint in an aerobics class, for instance.Everyone has days when they don’t feel like going to the gym, but at times it is the body telling you to take a break. It will do you a load of good to take a day off from your fitness regime. Don’t punish yourself if you can’t go to the gym for a day. Even though workouts give a happy high, sometimes it is okay to relax.Hung over from a binge-drinking-and-dancing-party last night? Avoid hitting the gym or the tarmac in the morning. Alcohol is dehydrating, so drink a large amount of water to minimise its influence. Never work out if you still feel under the influence. Having a wholesome breakfast helps since you are refuelling your system.Any kind of injury should put a break on your fitness schedule until the time it is completely healed. You could end up harming your body further if you decide to push yourself into working out while injured. Seek advice from a specialist for injuries that hurt more than a day later.

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