A Toronto man has been identified as the second Canadian who was aboard EgyptAir flight MS804 when it crashed into the Mediterranean Sea last week. Medhat Tanious was a Canadian citizen travelling on an Egyptian passport aboard the flight from Paris bound for Cairo.

A funeral for the married father-of-three took place on Monday at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Markham, Ont.

Officials from EgyptAir offices in Canada attended the service, where a message from Egypt’s Consul General for Canada was recited to the mourners.

The other Canadian on Flight 804 was Marwa Hamdy, who lived in Saskatoon before moving to Cairo for post-secondary studies. She married an Egyptian and raised her three sons there.

A senior Egyptian forensics official said on Tuesday, that human remains retrieved from the crash site suggest there was an explosion on board that may have caused the plane to crash in the east Mediterranean Sea.