Garry Sandhu is an Indian Punjabi singer currently active in the Bhangra genre. Garry Sandhu lived in the UK for several years before being deported back to India. He sang a lot of songs during his time in the UK and his songs were huge hits. He was deported to India on 12th January 2012. He currently lives in his hometown, Rurka Kalan, Punjab, India.

He has his own record label, Fresh Media Records under which he releases his own songs along with other artis. Garry Sandhu, first came to the UK in 2002 but, under a different identity, claimed asylum which was refused by the UK Border Agency. He was then placed on immigration bail where he should have reported regularly to the agency. But, instead, he absconded and the UK Border Agency did not know his whereabouts until he received a criminal conviction for obstructing a police officer in January 2008 when he was caught driving without insurance. He was then placed back on immigration bail while the UK Border Agency worked to obtain emergency travel documents to remove him because he did not have a passport. After an emergency travel document had been obtained, officers visited his address in Hanover Road, Rowley Regis, Dudley in October 2009 but discovered he had absconded again. He was then arrested on 27 October 2011 and detained. He was temporarily released in November 2011 while the UK Border Agency considered further representations. These were rejected and Mr Sandhu was re-detained on 16 December before being removed to India on 12th January 2012.[1]