Neem is a well-known Indian herb that is used in several beauty and skin care products.The antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties present in neem is a perfect remedy for several skin problems like rashes, allergy and irritation. Neem leaves are used to make face washes and creams for oily skin that are prone to acne. The face packsand face masks made with neem powder, neem leaves or neem oil arebeneficial to get rid of blemishes, pimples and cure other skin infections.

Neem is surely an ayurvedic medicine employed for hair and skincare. The benefits of neem in pores and skin ended up being utilized rice when the foliage were put together throughout difficulties to look at bathroom. Neem often its will often bark or foliage usually are healthful for your pores and skin in addition to locks. Neem is known as a classic blood purifier agent. Neem is actually eaten and also employed to have a perfect appearance and a healthful pores and skin by simply trying to keep pores and skin conditions out. Neem can be used since skincare element throughout creams, gels, pores and skin in addition to skin powders or lotions. Neem is actually anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, non-allergic, anti-viral in addition to blood purifier.

Neem or Indian Lilac is one of the wonderful natural herbs that have both its leaves and stems equally important. It is antibacterial as well as anti fungal substance that will remove dandruff from your hair or eradicate pimples right on your face. We are going to discuss the beauty benefits as well as the health benefits of neem. You can also find many tablets made with the extract of neem and is really beneficial variety of skin and hair issues. Also your entire body system will be healthy with the neem as natural ingredient. We would know more about the benefits of neem in this article.

Uses of neem

  • Neem leaves can be chewed daily helps to get rid of constipation, eliminates toxins from the body, improves metabolism and cleans the impurities in the blood. Finally it gives a clear skin.
    • Neem leaves can be boiled in water and added to bath water. It helps in getting rid of bad odor from the body and cleans bacterial deposits in folds of the skin like neck, groin and under the knees.
    • Boiled and cooled neem leaveswater helps in curing different types of allergies of the skin.
    • Neem water can be used to make face masks and face packs which are helpful for acne and pimples. Neem leaves, neem powder and neem oil are also used in preparing antibacterial face packs.
    • Neem is also useful in healing small cuts, burns and bruises.
    • Neem leaves can be dried and powdered  and placed in small pouches in cupboards to remove moths and insects  attacking and giving fragrance to the clothes

    Benefits of neem

    • Neem is an excellent skin toner that helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in providing a lightening color to a dark spots caused by skin tan, acne and stretch marks. Boiled and cooled neem laves water can be stored and used daily at night and in the morning tomake the skin look soft and glowing.
    • Face pack madeby using neem powder and grapeseed oil isvery effective remedy for dry skin. It prevents the skin from becoming rough and dry.
    • Neem is an excellent remedy for skin problems like   blackheads, large pores and whiteheads.  This pack can be prepared by grinding dry orange peels and neem leaves into a pulp and adding soy milk honey and yogurt in it. This pack need to be applied thrice a week for effective results.
    • Neem is a good moisturizing agent that helps to keep the skin soft and silky. A decoction of neem leaf can be used to cure small wounds and pimples. Skin infection of any type can be treated by using neem leaf paste mixed with turmeric powder.
    • Acne can be treated by using the water in which neem leaves have been boiled till the water becomes green in color. The green water can be stored and used daily in baths to prevent acne.

      Homemade neem face packs

      • Neem and tomato pulpface pack moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated. It refreshes the face by clearing pimples and blackheads.Sandalwood and neem face pack clears the skin by reducing the bacterial infection. This pack can be prepared by making a paste with neem and sandalwood powder and rose water.
      • Neem and gram flour face pack is an ideal pack for oily skin. Make a paste of gram flour, milk and neem powder and apply it on the face. Wash with water after 20 minutes.
      • Neem andhoney face pack is helpful in treating acne. Dry acne prone skin looks dull. This pack helps to refresh the tired look of the dry skin. Mix honey and neem powder and apply it on the affected areas after cleansing the area.
      • Neem andpapaya face pack isan ideal pack that can be used to impart glow to the skin by whitening the skin.
      • Neemand Fuller’s earth face pack is good for absorbing oil from the oilyskin. Prepare a paste with neem, fuller’s earth and coconut water and apply it on the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
      •  Neem face scrub made with tulsi, neem leaves, multani mite and honey make an effective face scrub that helps in clearing dead skin cells.
      • Neem face pack made with whipped cream turmeric and neem leaves powder is an excellent pack for oily skin.  The anti-fungal and anti-bacterialproperties of turmeric also help to prevent other skin problems.