Punjabi suits, the other name is salwar kameez is so much popular among the Arab, Pakistan and Indian ladies. Both men and women can wear it, but men and women suit neck designs are different. Women normally wear a shawl or dupatta with the salwar kameez.



some-morePunjabi Salwar Suits are also popular as churidar in the South India and different fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon are used to prepare these beautiful Punjabi dresses. Due to the less variety of designs people don’t give much attention to the Punjabi suits neck designs.


How to Choose a Neck (Gala) Design for Your Dress

When it comes to Choosing the Necklines Some neck designs look best on the broad shoulders while some on the narrow shoulders. A person has to choose the neckline according to his shoulder shape.


If you have the muscular or bulky shoulders Broad necklines are best for you, but if you have a broad shoulder, then choose the neckline which helps you to appear your shoulder less broad and try to avoid the boat, sweet heart, square, wide V necklinebecause these designs make your shoulder look more broad. You can go for the deep V neck or U neck it will make your shoulder less broad.

Punjabi Suits Neck Designs


Neck designs give a boost to the beauty of the Punjabi Salwar Kameez Suits. Before choosing the necklines, check the fabric and the neck shape. A proper stitched kameez with a beautiful neckline makes your personality more impressive. Sweet heart, V neck, high or collar, jewel, square, scoop necklines is normally seen on the kameez.