All announcements, programs, despite the efforts and many successes in many parts of the world still have a lot of violence against women. Different countries in different situations is not easy to collect the facts, because in many countries there are such cases. But some organizations increasingly difficult for it works. Today we show you the 10 worst countries for women are going to tell you about. Afghanistan tops …
Thompson Reuters Foundation and the Foundation for Sustainable Development, based on data compiled from “the world’s 10 worst countries for women ‘are going to tell you about. The data was analyzed by the prestigious magazine releasing a list of these countries.

Afghanistan tops list
Afghanistan tops in crime against women are kept. The number of illiterate women is 87 per cent. While 70 to 80 percent of women is forced marriage. 54 per cent of women are married by the age of 15 and 19. Also a large number of women are victims of domestic violence.
2. Democratic Republic of the Congo
Gender Violence in the Congo called the worst countries. According to the American Journal of Public Health, every day 1150 women are raped here. This means that every year about 4 million 20 thousand women rape victims to afford. Most of women’s health in the country is also extremely bad. Pregnant women are suffering from anemia than 57 percent.
3. Pakistan
Culture and religious beliefs are against women in Pakistan. As a result, women are found not only threats, but also child marriage and forced marriage are also used. In many places, women up to stone and has also led to some incidents of acid attacks. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, every year about 1,000 women are murdered in the name of honor and about 90 per cent of Pakistani women are victims of domestic violence.
4. India
Despite being the world’s largest democracy, the status of women in India is not better. According to an article in The New York Times, were killed in the womb in the last 30 years the number of girls is several million. As a result, the proportion of men and women in the country has also increased. In addition to remote areas of large cities, raped women and rape cases often arise. Child marriage is not over completely.
According to a report in the Huffington Post, an average of 670 women a day are victims of Sexual Harassment in India. If Harassment, rape and murder cases of women every day is added to the figure of 848 is average. Just in 2013, 34,000 women raped in the country. While many women are directly sold to traffickers. Indian capital of crimes against women in the country, nearly three times the average mark.
5. Somalia
Rape, female genital Mutileshn, child marriage, marriage, death is suffering from problems like Somalia. The country’s 95 per cent of women undergo female genital Mutileshn. 4 to 11 years of age, is the genital Mutileshn. Only 9 per cent of women give birth in healthy condition.
6. Colombia
According to the report, only 45,000 Colombian women victims of domestic violence in 2010 took place. Finally, justice for women victims of domestic violence do not get properly. Some institutions work for women’s freedom and justice, but that the situation is not much better.
7. Egypt per incident of sexual harassment of women in Egypt are so high that no normal visitor can feel it. Egypt Revolution 2011 as well as crimes against women has increased. The court case of domestic violence against women in Egypt also not accepted easily. Marriage, divorce, child custody and family property in the case of women in Egypt do not get the proper rights. According to a report, by a mob in Egypt in January 2011, 19 cases of sexual assault.
8. Kenya
Kenya’s population is dependent on agriculture. But the women in the family do not share income. Data on HIV rates among women in the country are more than men. It is stated that the reason behind women full control over sex life is not.
9. Mexico
According to a report, in 2010-11, 4,000 reports of missing women came in Mexico. Per one lakh population in 2012 was recorded at a murder. Mexico’s legal system, women are not fully protected by domestic and sexual abuse. Even punishment for sexual harassment in the country, but it is believed that the Court does not always fair to men.
10. Brazil
In the case of Brazil despite some commendable figures are surprising. According to reports, every 15 seconds a woman is attacked. Every two hours a woman is killed.