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Just look at this photo. At first glance, it looks as though a girl in a red skirt the edge of the road which is being modeled for the photo. But that’s not all. Indeed, it is a girl, but the boy, who recently appeared in the Chinese city of Chengdu on the streets of this style. The photos on social networking sites’ Ledibvoy called are viral. Photos of people imprisoned …
When the boy was walking in red skirts on the streets, and the people began to capture his photos uploaded to social networking sites. VIBO see sight on Chinese social networking site turned viral these photos. Where some of the man’s Getap are condemned while others are defending. While a user can comment on photos in the real I wanted to beat this man. It looked very unsightly.
However, another user said in his comments that everyone has the right, which is called Human Rights. I do not think there is anything wrong. While a second user in Chengdu, said many young people who are gay community. However, someone said you could call it how Ledibvoy while it looks very ugly.