A BABY girl found dead in a bathtub of water in a Western Sydney home could have been there for days. Police are investigating how the two-year-old, whose mother, 36, is understood to have been admitted to hospital following an accident on Sunday, died after a concerned family friend found the child dead in Miller today.

An autopsy will reveal if the child drowned.

A woman approached neighbours of the Merino St home about midday asking if they had seen a little girl.

The woman asked for a ladder to scale a fence before she entered the home and found the child in the bathroom.

Pat Ingram, a neighbour who lives directly opposite the house where the little girl died, said a woman came to her house inquiring about the child.

“Someone knocked on our door, asked if we had seen the little girl. She said she was concerned for the child’s welfare. She said she was the next of kin,” Ms Ingram said.

“She asked if I had a ladder. I told her if she was really concerned, she should ring the police.”

“She said the little girl’s mother had an accident in the Blue Mountains some time on the weekend after having a big fight with her boyfriend on Friday night.

“All she’d been able to do was talk to the nurses. I thought, if she’s that bad that she can’t talk to us then she’s either unconscious or badly injured.”

Ms Ingram said she hadn’t seen the little girl since Wednesday. She said she hasn’t talked to the little girl but she had waved when she saw them out the front.

“The next thing the whole street was full of police and I thought I hope to God nothing happened and then the street filled up with police and they taped the house off,” she said.

Robyn Fransisco, whose parents live opposite the house, said the mother “didn’t seem like the kind of mother who’d leave her daughter alone”.

Neighbours said the family had only lived in the house for a few months.

Police are investigating who was supposed to be looking after the child after her mother was hospitalised.

One woman said there had been three bathtub drownings in the street in the past decade.

She said she knew most of the neighbours having lived there for more than 20 years but had never seen this particular family.

“Children are not yours. They are a gift. A treasure. They should be well looked after. You need to look after them,” the resident said.

“As a mother of two, I know how important it is to look after them.

“When mine were little, I gave them a bath and as they get older, you allow them to shower but you keep an eye on them.”