When it comes to love, most of us are not materialistic. The happiness of such people is not dependent on material things. There are things that you don’t know when are falling for somebody for example, you don’t know if the other person is romantic or not?

Most of us come across a situation in life when we fall for somebody who is not very sentimental. We expect gestures of love and affection at certain instances and end up getting disappointed. For all those people who have an unromantic girlfriend, here is the list of things to make you understand her in a better way:

The first step to understand an unromantic girl is to question what sorts of things catch her attention and why she is not romantic. Most girls are romantic but they are too shy to show it so, it is better to try out your luck simply by asking her. It is your job to make them feel better about the idea of being romantic with you as her boyfriend.

You should never ignore the fact that your girlfriend is unromantic so, giving her roses or a box of chocolates is pointless. This gesture will bring no good but will end up getting her annoyed. This would also give her the signal that you don’t respect things that she likes or you annoy her deliberately which will definitely put her off.

You should start doing things that your girlfriend likes to do. For instance, if she likes to listen to different rock bands then you should surprise her but taking her to concerts.

You should try to figure out things that you both like to do. This way you both will get a chance to spend quality time together.

If she has a favorite band or a childhood book, you should give her something that she could associate you with. If she has a favorite band then you should give her a wall poster or something like that.

Whenever you are with your girlfriend, make sure that you do not do anything that she find cheesy or stereotypically romantic because she might want you to put effort into getting to know her.

If your girlfriend is not comfortable with you touching or kissing her in public then you should realize that and be comfortable with this idea.