There are a lot of couples who go overboard while caring for their partner and often end up sabotaging their relationship. While care and concern for your beau is good, crossing the limits may lead to several problems between the two of you.

We suggest some ways you can balance it out.

If your partner gets irritated with your concern for him/her, don’t push it
Many have a habit of enforcing their feelings onto their partner inspite of the latter getting irritated. If you feel that your beloved is getting worked up with you being concerned for him/her, make sure that you put an end to it there and then. This will ensure that you do not end up pushing him/her to react harshly.

Talk it out

Often speaking about how you feel may make your partner understand your situation better. Make sure that you find the right time to bring this topic up, else you might just end up pissing off your beau. However, it is better to not be blunt in the way you speak. You must also consider what your partner thinks about you being concerned about him/her.

Support in other ways

You don’t always have to show your concern by talking or addressing your partner’s problems. You can do so by just being there and trying to understand the difficult times that your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend is going through. For example, you can plan a day out with him/her to take the stress off his/her mind.

 Put yourself in his/her position

The only time we understand what the other person is going through is when you put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Until then, it is probably impossible to figure out what your partner is feeling about you being overconcerned. Try not to be too pushy in your relationship, else you may end up hampering it.