One has to be patient. Many a times, we wish to accomplish everything in a go- for we feel it’s less tedious. By doing that we shut ourselves to options. When one wants to change the look of one’s home, don’t assume and expect that you will find everything -the couch, cushions, throw rug -all under one roof. And sometimes, the best bargains and chosen items can be found at the most unexpected of places. When you buy a couch, wait to buy the complementing cushions, or the corresponding coffee table.

Picking up an unconventional piece of furniture or narrowing down on a neon-coloured upholstery for your couch calls for a certain amount of bravery. For ages, we have allowed ourselves to be governed by conventional palettes. But a blue couch need not have blue cush ions. A bright orange cushion will do wonders to uplift the mood and vibe of the living room and enhance the blue couch. If you want a slightly formal look go for a dark forest green velvet cushion with gold brocade work. Don’t be afraid to make a mis take. Things can always be rectified. If you don’t like the print on the couch -change the upholstery, instead of buying a completely new couch. If the centre table is too bulky -place it in a corner.

This is a must have. It’s an investment. Either get it made, or scout the many furniture shops- online or in the real world. It’s where you come back to and relax after a weary work day. A linen couch will do the trick. I suggest stick to neutral colours -light blue, whites and other pale shades. This would allow you to play around with the cushions and the rugs.

A big Chinese accent piece could be the defining trait of your room. It could be a low lying centre or a coffee table or a chest of drawers.The dark-toned accent pieces go with almost everything. And they have amazing utility value, and they never go out of fashion.A good rug makes a lot of difference to the overall feel of a room. A Persian rug would be lovely, but there are many alternatives availa ble today which have simple yet modern designs. They add warmth and help create an illusion of more space in the room. This is a big bonus for Mumbai houses -given the space crunch we all inadvertently feel.