With temperature soaring up to 45 degree celsius in the city, it is not just us who are facing the heat, but the plants as well. The rising mercury levels, however, have not dampened the enthusiasm of gardening enthusiasts, who are taking care to ensure that their gardens are watered well, albeit, keeping in mind the water shortage in the state.

Measure the water session
There’s a norm that gardens should be watered at least thrice a day in summers, but gardening enthusiasts believe otherwise. A businessman and an ardent gardener, Sharad Paliwal who edorses proper water management says, “The secret behind healthy and lush green feel of my garden is because I manage my water session well. I make sure that I water in the evening hours because that makes water available to the plants till the next morning and helps them deal better with the sun during daytime. Also, I check the quality of the soil and if it seems moist, I simply sprinkle water on the plants but if it is dry, I water the plants more quantity.”

Keep your greens healthy

 While measuring the water session is essential for the survival of the plants in summers, use of compost is equally important to keep the plants healthy, hydrated and fresh. “Plants tend to wither easily in summer but with easy and simple remedies, I keep them healthy even in this dry season. Every week, I cover the top layer of the soil with mulch and decaying leaves, bark and compost which provide extra fertilizers for the soil and also help retain the moisture during daytime. Lately, I have learnt that covering the soil with small pebbles can protect the plants from losing moisture,” says physician, Arjun Gokhale.
Add colours to your garden
If you feel that your garden has a rather tired look, give your yard a splash of colour by adding flowers that bloom only in summer. That’s exactly what educationist Mousumi Bhowal does. She says, “Varieties of shrub roses, adeniums and desert roses are excellent picks for the summer season which gives a dull garden a new lease of life. Come summers and I make sure that I add these varieties of flowers to spruce up the look of my garden.”
 Regular trimming
 Another simple step that gardening enthusiasts swear by is covering the garden with green shade and weekly trimming to protect the plants from drying. “I trim my plants on a weekly basis. Also, I cover the garden with a shade in the afternoon to protect it from the sweltering heat. However, I allow the plants to be exposed to the early morning sun because it helps the plants get the energy and nutrients it requires to survive. Whereas in the evening, I remove the shade and let the plants enjoy the fresh air,” shares businessman, Dharmendra Fulsunge.