Personal Interview is the foremost tool to judge the abilities of a person. In the face-to-face contact between the interviewer & interviewee, it is possible to record more than only verbal responses; which are often superficial. When human beings communicate directly with each other, much more information is communicated. The nature of words used, facial expressions & body language- together contribute in judging a person. According toMeha Bhargava, an Image Management professional, you must keep the following in mind while going for an interview.

Do the Research
Extensively research not just about the profile you are interviewed for, but the company profile, their achievements, their story of success, their products&services,their targetmarket etc.. All this will make you confident enough to answer every question diligently.

Look sharp
Being smartly and elegantly dressed not only makes you feel good but also has a strong impact on the interviewer. Like the mantra ‘The way you dress, defines the way you think, act and how other’s react’

Listen carefully
Giving full attention to not only what is said but also to what is not said will make you know about what they have in store for you. Sometimes important things are left unsaid between the lines, make sure you catch up to every bit.

Show enthusiasm with body language
A firm handshake, smile, eye contact and positive responses ensure that the interviewer feels confident in you and your abilities to be hired. What you feel reflects by your body language. Even if you are nervous, don’t let it show. Sit in a correct, firm and comfortable posture avoid fidgeting with your legs, or hands. This distracts the interviewer and gives an impression of a feeble personality.

Answer only what is asked
Do listen carefully what you are being asked, if you don’t understand confirm it again and while answering do not deviate from one thing to another. Straightforward and to the point answers are only what they love to hear.

Ask questions
Don’t be blank at the end of the interview, ask questions, be it on your profile, about the company, pay working hours etc. No questions give an impression of disinterest in the company and the job. But make sure your questions are appropriate.