The clitoris is a powerful organ. Especially if you want your lady to have a mind blowing orgasm every time you have sex, leaving her craving for a lot more. Most men think that it is the size or girth of their penis that helps a woman orgasm, but, gentlemen you are quite wrong. While we don’t say that your ‘manhood’ has nothing to do with sexual pleasure, it is important for you to realise that almost 60% women do not orgasm through penetrative sex.

Yes, the organ that helps a woman orgasm is her clitoris. A lot like the male penis, this tiny organ is hidden under a hood between a lady’s genital lips. Packed with blood vessels, the clitoris becomes erect when aroused. But unlike the penis, it can be extremely sensitive and therefore it has the hood to lower that sensation a bit. You may also like to read — Everything you need to know about the clitoris and what you can do with it.

Since the positions you would assume during penetration may not stimulate the clitoris, a good option is to use your mouth or fingers to do so and make her orgasm.  Again this requires some amount of technique and finesse.

So to help you out, here are a few tips

Tip#1: Change the way you stimulate her: The come hither motion (where you bend your fingers and stroke her G-spot) is not the best way to go at it. And that it is not enough to make her orgasm. So, maybe it’s time to change things. You may also like to read about what women actually want sexually.

Tip #2: Cut your nails: Make sure you cut your nails and file them before you use them to pleasure your woman’s vagina or clitoris. The skin in that area is extremely sensitive and can easily get hurt with jagged nails.

Tip#3: Pay attention to her vagina: Her vaginal area should be well lubricated, if not, consider using a lubricant for this propose. If you go in without any lubrication, you will hurt her and that is a definite downer. You may also like to read about five kinds orgasms every woman should have.

Tip #4: Don’t just push your fingers into her vagina: Remember how we told you that women achieve an orgasm by clitoral stimulation and not penetration. So you have to spend some quality time with her clitoris to give her that orgasmic high.

Tip#5: Find the clitoris, recognise it and treat it right: Yes, this an essential tip. Touching it the right way can make for the perfect sexual romp. Do it wrong and you might not get any response. The clitoris is a small, cartilaginous structure present under a hood. This entire package is present at the point that your lady’s genital lips begin (the point where they both meet towards her belly button). You may also like read this step-by-step guide to pleasuring a woman.

Tip# 6: Be gentle: Women prefer soft and gentle motions, especially over their clitoris. Not only is it an extremely sensitive spot but being harsh can just be uncomfortable. So make sure you start off using light pressure and motion. Once you see that your partner is aroused enough, you can proceed to moving faster or even using a little more pressure. Using gentle circular motions is the best way to stimulate the clitoris. You may also like to read – Real women tell you how to give the perfect orgasm.

Tip#7: Stimulate the entire region: You can even spice things up by stimulating the entire region. Move your fingers (your index and middle finger) from her clitoris to her vaginal opening and move upwards on the other side. Doing this a few times can help make things a lot hotter and surprise her too. Plus, it gives her clitoris a little break which can increase the sexual tension.

Tip#8: Moving on to her vagina: Once she is sufficiently aroused, you can take two fingers and gently push them into her vagina. You can use the tips of your fingers to stimulate her G-spot (present on the front wall of her vagina — the area facing her abdomen) or her A-spot (present towards her spine).

Tip#9: Multitask: Okay, we don’t mean watching a movie or reading a book while you stimulate her vagina. But what you actually need to do is, when you are using one hand to stimulate the inside wall of her vagina, use the other hand to stimulate her clitoris. This can be extremely pleasurable and make her orgasm more powerful.

Tip#10: Don’t change anything: It is quite common for you to think that the moment your partner starts to get aroused and is close to climaxing, you should change things up so as to intensify it. But this is one of the worst mistakes you can make. So, when she starts to become more vocal and is about to have an orgasm, don’t change a thing. Just keep doing the same motion and watch her have the best orgasm of her life.