It’s a cliche that weekends are raunchier. With a little extra homework, you can spice up your weekdays as well. With long commutes and hectic work hours no one can blame a couple for having a somewhat less than satisfying love life during the week, as opposed to the weekend when couples have more face-time with one another.

However, all relationships need that extra boost to work. Besides, it is a fact already established that chemistry is something that couples need to work on 24/7. Complacence has destroyed many a charmed union. So we strongly recommend that if your sex life has been facing a bit of an ebb during the week, with the odd raunchy weekend to make up for it, you should see it as a sign that the only way is up.

Here is our themed guide on how to spice up your chemistry during the week. And a gentle disclaimer: nothing is etched in stone; if a theme works for you on a certain day, feel free to swap them.


 Dirty Picture

There is no better way to settle into the long week ahead other than watching a steamy flick after coming back home. And while at it, why not download or rent a film to charge up the atmosphere? If porn’s not your significant other’s thing, an erotic thriller or art-house erotica such as 9 Songs or Lust, Caution might just do the magic. A piece of advice: the film is not a manual for what you need to do. It’s merely a catalyst for action. So if you watch 50 Shades of Grey, it doesn’t mean that you have to tie each other up after watching the film.


 Food and Wine

Ok, so it’s not even mid-week yet, but adding a dash of romance could well set the tone for a sequel to your naughty Monday. And nothing works better than a bottle of wine. Between the two of you, it would suffice to get you both toasted. Choose a light Chardonnay given the weather; complement it with lots of water to avoid dehydration. It is not recommended that you (or your significant other) cooks. Remember the idea is to light up your evening with something romantic. So you don’t want to be overburdened. Instead, why not surprise your lover by ordering in his/her favorite dish from her favourite restaurant? Avoid Murg Afghani or chicken tikka and the like. Stick to light, crunchy, finger-friendly food. Better still, opt for dishes that can be shared so that you both can have that crucial bonding moment.


 Workout Together

If you’ve conquered the hump of the week (no pun intended) and have made it to mid-week, it’s time for a stamina booster. Plan a jog or a brisk walk with your partner after working hours and reaching home.Remember, exercise stimulates the sex drive. If you can arrange for a trial of one of the many experimental regimens that are being touted as the next best thing, better still. Also, working out together promotes bonding; something that can be put to better use later, in bed. At the same time, remember that you both need to have some energy to have sex. So make sure you’re not getting yourself too exhausted.


 One-night Staycation

Plan in advance and book a hotel room for Tantric Thursday. Treat your significant other to a surprise by checking into a boutique hotel that is comfortable and romantic and most importantly, close to his/her workplace. Remember, you both have to go to work the next day.But in the meanwhile, take advantage of the room service, the ergonomically-designed five-star beds, the champagne, the silky bathrobes, the chemistry. One small note: preorder a room-delivered breakfast the next day to keep that cosy vibe going.


 Go Out Dancing
 And why should the party end with Thursday, folks? The weekend is here already! So why not hit the tiles with your beloved, dance like no one’s watching, and engage in some merry-making with the friends you’ve not had the time to engage with during the week (and who would blame you?). Remember, you don’t want to over-indulge in the merry-making.The rule of thumb is to stick to three drinks (at most, for men; two, for women ), dance off the buzz, and then head home for some lovemaking. It doesn’t have to be the full-on marathon, but even some cuddly, touchy-feely action can still be worth a celebration of the week that was explosive.
Anything but the bedroom: Try different places in the house; we recommend the kitchen floor. The living room can also work wonders.
 The Stars Shine Down : A tad cheesy, but hell, why not? Dressing up as your favourite movie star can do things for your significant other. Popular themes, the last we heard, include The Great Gatsby and 50 Shades of Grey. But we expect you to have better imagination.
 The Great Outdoors : Strictly for the brave and certainly not within city limits. But a day-trip to a pristine location can work wonders for your chemistry. That said, exercise caution.You don’t want to land up on the front page of a tabloid.