Bedtime routine is very important, not only for good sleep but also for a good relationship. And no, it is not only about sex. As a matter of fact, how you handle bedtime is symbolic to your relationship.

Staying disconnected with your partner at bedtime can be deterimental to your marriage and before you even realize it, you start living separate lives, despite being under the same roof.When you are managing stresses of your daily life, you often overlook some of the simple yet important rules of life – going to bed at the same time as your partner.

In today’s time, a lot of couples hit the bed at different times – one wants to read a book or watch TV and the other is too sleepy to wait. Time your sleep such that you both go to bed togetherFacebook, Twitter and Instagram seem to be draining out all the excitement from our personal relationships. And if this was not enough, TV eats up into the remaining time.

We are so busy consuming electronics data that we slip into bedtime not realizing that we are missing out on an important aspect – the partner effect. Feel his/her presence consciously and avoid all the unnecessary noice.
Ability to reveal your private thoughts to your partner is key to a happy marriage, but it is fast becoming a fading practice. Take control of your relationship and tell him how your day went or if you felt vulnerable about something that happened during the day.

Not only does it reduce stress but also makes you feel better connected. It also cuts down the adverse effects of psychological conditions..It is unfortunate how touching becomes one of the activities that disappear from relationships fastest, making it shift from passionate to compassionate bond.

Find out creative ways to touch your partner. Psychologists believe that touching plays a pivotal role in adding passion to relationships.

How do you call it a night? Is it a moment that just happens without much planning? Well, do not forget to kiss your partner good night. It involves physical as well as emotional intimacy and helps reignite your relationship. Try this and watch your connection improve drastically.