Tina Dutta who is currently seen in Uttaran caught viral fever four days back and was admitted to hospital recently. She took three antibiotic injections and resumed shooting again on Friday as she works for a daily soap.
She says, “Viral infection is in the air so I am drinking boiled water and taking utmost care about eating and drinking. There is nothing like rest or a break when you are working for a daily. We don’t have a choice. The world thinks of only the glamorous side of actors and but we work whether we run fever, there are rains or any other incidents.”
Meanwhile the actor is refuting any rumours of her show going off air. With the track moving to Pakistan, and her character being shown as living in Pakistan, the actress feels that newer twists and newer story angles are in store for the future. She said, “No, I have not heard of anything about the show getting over. In fact, there is more focus on my character and more work.”