Actress Disha Patani, who shares screen space with Tiger Shroff in the music video Befikra, said that she looks up to him and considers him as her inspiration and motivation. At the launch of their song Befikra, Disha was asked if she had learned any dance steps from Tiger in real life. “Yes, all the time. I always try. I really look up to him. Actually I am doing gymnastics now and that is because of him. He is my inspiration, my motivation. He is just so hardworking. Dancing with him, I always try, but nobody can reach up to his level. He’s different,” said Disha. “When you’re standing next to him and people are noticing you and know that I am dancing with him, it’s a compliment for me. Because when he dances, you can’t see anyone else,” said Disha. Disha hopes that she looks ‘decent’ while dancing with Tiger. “He has just got so much energy. He walks with this aura that you can’t really see anyone else when he is there. I just hope that I look decent dancing with him and I don’t look funny. It was difficult but he is very motivating,” said Disha. Certain sections of the press reported that Tiger and Disha are a couple as they have been spotted going for movies and dinner.