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There are many such places in the world, which is about the surprise. Shstrlinga Kannada district of Karnataka, is one such place. Indeed, the river that flows in Shamla lingam are present in the thousands. Moreover, besides many other features also appear lingam. As a result, a large number of tourists come. Shiva can be seen as soon as reduce river water …
Blue water is in the river, then you do not see here Shiva. But as soon as the water is low, the river takes in thousands to see the lingam. In addition there are also many other artifacts, some of them women between the monkey and the duck, so far, are Brahma.
These Shivlingon built in the 17th century had Sadaashwary king. As a reminder, some of them famous Shiva temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia, South Asian countries are also visible, which is known to spin Kebl. It means “the bridge Mundon is”.