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Many people in the world who have eating disorders. Anorexic it is known. Person suffering from the disease for fear of getting fat, eating leaves. Recent photos of the viral disease are some Selebs which includes Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Lopez from. What is their reality …
However, they are not victims of Selebs Real Anorexic disorder, but also to create the images they are using Photoshop. Indeed, a few days ago, news website Phreaking Photoshop Contest was held, which was the subject Disorders Anorexic. The contest was attended by many people suffering from this disorder Selebs share photos.
At first glance, it looks as if looking at these photos are real, these Selebs sick. Please tell every year about a related issue Selebs Phreaking News organizes such contests, Photoshop through which people concerned with the issue by adding photos Selebs make. With this awareness in society of the disease had spread.