This boy is Suffering from disease


Indonesia 13 years in the case of a Muslim child has come to face the locals started worshiping him as a god form. The reason that Mohammed Rahan something looks like Hanuman. Know why this kid looks …
Actually Rahan ‘Verwulf’ syndrome is named. It is a genetic disorder in which the victim’s face, neck, back and feet but also more hair grows and changes shape. However, many people still make fun of seeing his body. But he does not mind and will of God tells it. He also refused to accept medical treatment.
Rahan Manmburung with her widowed mother and four siblings lived in a village called. He said “I have no problem, so many people laugh many blessings come to me.” Many times people just saw him come away from the village. Rahan says that people think that we have a special power. His father died 10 months ago.

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