You all know that love is blind. But, love must not be so blind that you can’t see the faults in your partner. It is true that when two people with different mentality stay together, conflict is inevitable. But, if you can’t overcome those conflicts with calmness, then there is no meaning being in such a relationship. Relationships must be open, where both the partners can love each other intently and also point out the faults of each other.

However, sometimes, people get so blind about their partner’s faults, that these faults become larger in the future. Maybe you’re tolerating his/her harsh words today just because you don’t want to lose him/her now. But there is a limitation of your tolerance level. Have you ever imagined what you will do then? Therefore, it is very important to know what you should not tolerate in a relationship.

There are several things to never tolerate in a relationship. The underlined meaning of these things is that, if there is something which comes to your self-respect, you should protest. If your partner has respect for you, he/she will understand and won’t repeat it again. If not, then this is a high time to move on. Here are a few things to never tolerate in a relationship. Read on to know more.