You’ve already got things set for the D-Day, but while you are all excited to start your new journey, make sure you tick the must-do night before list.

Spill the beans
A day before tying the knot, think of all the things that will make your new journey worthwhile. Especially, things that you’ve never expressed before. Make sure you tell your would-be spouse everything about yourself — something that’s as trivial as snoring or as big as a past relationship. Don’t leave anything unsaid.

 Hug your folks
Don’t forget to thank and share your feelings with your family and friends. Assure them that they are important, and that the new relationship will not change anything. Seal it with a hug to tell them how much they matter to you.
 Take all the necessary advice
Call or meet people you have been avoiding for so many years, as they have bored you with their ‘unsolicited’ advice. It’s time to listen to every single piece of advice they have to give you, as it will benefit you in the long run.
 Write a love note
Lastly, take a few moments out from all this to write a personal note for your spouse. Read this or simply exchange it with your spouse before the ceremony. You could write anything, be it as naughty as your wedding night fantasies or an emotional note on how it is special to be with him/her.