Love relationship is a beautiful combination of so many things that if they are in absolute order, nothing can make a love relationship fail. If a relationship lacks these important things, then nothing can make a relationship happy and satisfying. Click through what are the important factors that are essential to make a relationship work:


Communication is the most important factor in a relationship. It is the way to express your happiness, complaints, and grievances to your partner. Some people do not give much importance to communication in relationships, and sadly end up having breakups. On the other hand, some people think that if they will speak up on every issue that might end up their relationship. Well, people get this thing straight that communication never breaks up a relation, but the lack of it certainly does. If you do not express your feelings as and when they appear, they will keep stacking up and one day they will burst and cause a break up. Therefore, communicate a lot with your partner and enjoy a healthy relationship.


Availability is one factor that determines how strong or weak the bond is between couples. Both the partners should have this feeling that they have someone to fall back upon in the sad and the bad times of their life. Whenever a partner hits rough road, the other should always be available for them and should offer every possible help. It should not be as if your partner is having a tough time and you are enjoying your life or not giving enough time to your partner. Partners should be comforting figures for one another and the pillars of strength on which they can lean upon anytime and anywhere.


The higher the level of friendship between partners, the higher is the possibility of a successful relationship. It is very important that two people in a relationship have a true friendship with one another. In a relationship, one needs to spend a great deal of time with one another, and to do this one is required to love another wholeheartedly. Just imagine if you have to stay with a person, with whom you do not share any friendship and you so not like that person, how tough it would be to spend even a small proportion of time with that person. Friendship is the backbone of any love relationship.


Compatibility is a factor that determines the nature and the life of a relationship between two people. Compatibility means to enjoy doing same things, same likings and disliking, and to have many other things in common. Two people in a relationship can only stay happy if both love to do majority of similar things, otherwise the difference in majority of tastes leads to difference in opinions and conflicts. A relationship loses its intensity if the partners have no common interests because they do not enjoy anything that they can do together, and then it becomes more of a compromise. Therefore, there has to be a high level of compatibility between partners to make a relationship strong.