Stir in women during pregnancy, there is something different. He will know if something happens that can not avoid being surprised. You will be surprised to know that I am the woman unborn fetus also has erections.
Women who sleep with snoring during pregnancy, their babies are born smaller than normal.
Women during pregnancy increases the sense of smell is 20 times above normal.
Pregnant woman anywhere in the UK is the freedom to urine. Policeman’s helmet, if they can even urine.
During pregnancy a woman may be pregnant again. Ie at a time, she may be pregnant twice.
The world’s longest pregnancy of 12 months to five days (375 days), had lasted. The child was in the womb for more than a year.
The child in the mother’s womb cry, but not because of the pain they prepare for birth.
In the second trimester of pregnancy when the baby’s abdomen and then the urine every day to drink a liter fall.
Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy to women who complain, they do have children with thick hair on the head.