Little things you do just before the main action can get her excited in bed. And if you had an orgasmic experience with her, she deserves some pampering after the action too. Unless you were in for a one-night-stand, romance just doesn’t stop after an orgasm. To make her feel special and your bond stronger, here are few things you need to do to her after having sex:

Cuddle her: Take her in your arms and pat her back or simply run your fingers through her hair. This will speak volumes of your love and affection towards her. And she will know that she is with the right partner to cares and deserves her.

Talk in silent whispers: Just because the action is over, you don’t stop talking or rather whispering to your girl. Telling her how well you felt about the whole act and complementing her can make her feel really special and you may never know she might be ready for more action by now.

Ask her if she is fine: This is something men take for granted, but you don’t be one of them. Once you both orgasm, and settle to rest, first, ask her if she is fine and feeling good. There might be a lot of things she feels after the action and doesn’t want to confide right away. But your asking about her feelings will give her enough confidence, solace and hope that this relationship is really special.

Help her clean herself: She might just want to be cuddled and sleep in your arms after an action. But if she leaves the bed to head to the washroom assist her. There is nothing to be grossed out if she chooses to clean herself. Helping her turn on the shower or just getting the towels for her will speak about your love like no other. And the next time you are in bed with her don’t be surprised with the love shower.

Sleep with her: Okay, there might be times when you might have to leave her in bed and walk away which could be a mutual decision. But try and sleep with her after the act. There is no better way to be in love and be romantic as is to sleep in each other’s arms after a session of wild sex.