Being in a love relationship is beautiful, but being in a meaningful and a lasting love relationship is blissful. A relationship that is loaded with love, respect, care, freedom and fun but only a few couples manage to have such a relationship. This means there are some qualities a couple must have in order to make their relationship a lasting one. Here Dr Prem Jagyasi and his expert team suggests some tips for you, which will make you have a similar relationship:

Flexibility is the key

Being single and being in a relationship are two very different scenarios. When you are single, all you think about is your liking, priority and everything. On the other hand, when you are in a relationship, it calls for a different internal program that accounts for a relationship’s success.

You need to leave your self-centered approach, or else there is no chance that you get to experience a blissful relationship in life. You need to reprogram your thinking, as you have to have respect for your partner’s thoughts and feelings as well.

Emotional independence is important

For making a relationship last, you need to be emotionally independent. This does not mean that you should be emotionally detached. It is about feeling good when you get your partner’s emotional support and not sulking at all when you do not. When one or both partners start sulking at such issues, it serves as a potent danger that sometimes manages to curtail a relationship’s life.

Value your partner’s presence

You must value your partner’s presence and must show it through your actions. It is fact that if a person feels that he is important in someone’s life, this realization makes one go the extra mile to make that person happy. Therefore, valuing your partner is something that benefits you and your relationship as a whole.

Learn to forget/forgive

As much as it is important for partners to give each other adequate time, it is important for them to give each other the “Me Time” as well. The time when one gathers their thoughts, be it with friends or doing anything that one likes. One should value their own “Me Time,” as such people automatically value other’s “Me Time” as well.

Almost every other person is in a love relationship but only a few are in lasting and meaningful relationships. This is because only few understand the importance of having those qualities in themselves that make relationships long lasting.