How can laws bring love in the family? Impossible!!!
Voices are just notes of comedy to tickle them for igniting the trapped potential pains to make them smile. Another voice will speak that being under is loss of manly-hood like that of standing against the God’s will. From the day where he got his judgmental ideology, he is forced to believe that he have to run the family, look after the family, need to earn to feed his wife and children, need to study with planned financeable attractive future and have to accept the pain of being a man.
He can’t slap a girl back even if she does for 100 times because what? No reason, only thing is “Women Empowerment.” He is even forced not to complain for the taste of the curry for he can be behind the bars under acts of domestic violence made by those who keep quite during dinner. Cutting himself for being what life is taking him to, he sometimes feels so low when he sees her reaction while she opens the gate late at night because of disturbing her sleep but never realized what he did whole day at office. She feels that she is like a servant to break her nature’s moonlight cradle blanketed sleep.
He will keep widening his eyes to dry his cheeks all his life just to make sure that people will say he is the man who loves his wife. With a shaky hand, at the point of his tears, he eats the breakfast where he is being forced to hear the complains of hers about getting up early, cooking and stuff but never asked him once for what is his feelings out his house. She never tries to understand how much a boy feels happy when he is home.
Living as a social being with those who don’t even know what is a ‘Social Being’ make him tell her about her dressings, but she thinks about depowering them. We are animals with little bit of sense, therefore strength matters, mostly physical, it was just yesterday that we talked of other strengths.
So, he speaks of vulnerability in this crowded lonely world. They will keep saying “Physical Strength Is Meaningless” but if a woman opens a vendor and the other half doesn’t, he will be termed the most useless man on earth from the perspective of superiority in physical strength and this is true.
He keeps crying for why and how will he explain to make her understand for the reason behind wearing the same shirt, pants and shoes and keep buying new things for her and the children.
How can she think of buying a big gold earring while washing her husband’s torn shirt? She thinks he is old-fashioned but never knew he is saving to buy her birthday present.
Why her freedom is judged with the eye of insecurity in move of hers? Just because she is immuned to softness does not mean she will be weakened from exposing her wants and longs. Why her silence is always looked as an advantage for him? Does he think she don’t have any feelings? Why her parents do not look for her match but waits for someone to come? Is she a toy to be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for someone? Reason is so reasonless when it’s viewed from the hole of truth during period and how she is being treated by all.
Don’t they know that’s a sign of human, why would her husband push her to the world of untouchables? When she is suffering and she needs care, she is left all alone for the whole five days. Why would her husband think that he will be a center for comedy if he washes dish, mops or do the kitchen stuff? He thinks that is for ladies only.
Then again why is it like, she have to have her friend circle till she got married and after that, she would be confined in her room. Is marriage chaining her like kitchen being the pole? Why is she looked after in an over-poured manner as if she is a disabled?
That’s not the way to empower ladies. Just leave them alone, let no rules bind them, at that time only the real equality will come. Why her shout for independence is termed like of those of a loose human?
A girl will hardly be circumscribed out the fear of seeing blood. We are humans but systematized with different operators. If you think law is needed to have love in the family relationship, I will take a deep breath and walk away. When we force on something which cannot be happening, problems will happen. If you let a farmer use laptop, he will dig the field with the laptop. The proof is some started to feel women empowerment is nothing but wearing light dress and it’s crystal clear. If you still think boys and girls are same then why girls need more privilege.
Why she need a stool to see the same world? It’s not about the use of stool that I am pouring upon; she needs to at least accept that she needs the stool because she is short. From the angle of science too, by looking at few ladies who does same or more than a man due to some hormonal advantage, don’t get wrong that all the ladies can be like that. Until and unless the laws are removed, there will be crimes. Laws can’t cure; it can cover, only love can cure it.
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