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Mexico City: Have you ever heard of a city, which is gradually being Dubta at sea? As a reminder, if you have not heard Delacroix of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico is the same city where the sea water gradually to large parts of the city, which is gobbling. The photos are viral on social networking sites. In the last hundred years has been immersed in water for more than 1880 square miles of land …
According to a report in the last 100 years, Louisiana has 1880 square miles of land under water. However, efforts are being made to save the city, the ocean is constantly moving forward. On average, 17 square miles of land lost each year is falling. Elderly people living here before your eyes have seen many parts sinking into the sea. Rocky Morales points out that the place where such a person ever he used to play Hide and Seek, she has been missing now. Many fishermen who live here have left the city.
It is believed if a major hurricane has affected much of the city can be. Please tell about 11 years ago, Hurricane Katrina came and killed 1,800 people. However, at a place called New Orleans Louisiana Hurricane Protection System to protect the fluid must have been planted 14.5 billion. But for smaller cities like Delacroix such attempts are not moved. According to experts, are in the grip of the small town water then the number will drown in New Orleans.