Bangkok. World famous Tiger Temple in Thailand is devoid of tigers. Charges of smuggling have been removed from 137 tigers. Monday morning, a team of more than a thousand people came to the temple complex with security squad. Buddhist monks who opposed the action live here. But police did not further his. Why is this famous temple tigers …
The temple, located in the province Saiyok Kancnburi to see tigers in the world, every year millions of people would come. The tigers roamed free with tourists and Buddhist monks. Since childhood, these tigers were trained to mingle freely with men. Here tourists can feed the tigers, and also wander and take selfies.
Nat Geo did disclose smuggling
There have been allegations of smuggling of tigers at the temple management. In January this year the National Geographic (Nat Geo) channel had exposed the smuggling of tigers. Accordingly, part of the tigers are being sold. Tiger tiger farm in Laos with the transaction. Temple rapid breeding of tigers in the past indulged in. Nat Geo and C 4 Life said the temple located two hours away from Bangkok in the past decade, bought the tigers are being sold.
However, it is not the first time charges of smuggling of tigers at the temple. Wildlife activists are alleging that before. But monks who live here forever deny the charges. It also includes a large number of tourists are taken close to the tigers. Wildlife activists say that the name of the tourist center is on the black business.
Xiao said in the report that the net from one country to another country is smuggled tiger. Conservation journalist Steve Winter and Sharon Guynp these reports. Sharon said that with the Tiger are taking selfies, it is possible that the next day it is sent across the border to sell. According to reports, the Thai authorities are about to start in the coming days to investigate the case. Tigers can also be sent from the second place.